April 8, 2002

SUNOL HAS SOME MODEL CHILDREN, we all know that, but Sunol Glen fourth graders Taylor King and Haley Haggerty and sixth grader Jennifer Haggerty can claim to be runway models as well. The girls, along with four-year-old Sean Haggerty, were recently featured in Nordstrom's spring fashion show. When the youngsters' names and fashion stats are announced at Nordie's four annual seasonal shows, their schools are mentioned, too, so Sunol Glen has made it to the glamorous world of couture.

Sunol Glen 4th Grader TaylorKing, in makeup and costume forDublin Theater's Japanese style production of MacBeth, in Dec., 2001

Taylor told me she's been gracing the runway for the classy department store since age four, and wouldn't mind building herself a career as a model. For the spring show, she wore a knee-length flowered skirt with a pink tank top, matching button-up sweatshirt and white sandals. "I loved the outfit," Taylor said, though her usual favorite clothes are "tee-shirts and jeans." The busy young lady also acts with the Dublin Little Theater and has been in two plays, including a Kabuki-style MacBeth.

COFFEE CORRECTION: Sunol's new Little Valley Vineyard Espresso Bar is actually open at 6 a.m. on weekdays, not at 9 a.m. as indicated in my last column. It opens at 9 on Saturday and Sunday, but you commuting early birds can fly by for a great cup of java and a delectable goodie Monday through Friday. Owner Sandi Bohner also asked me to mention that the wine tasting will start soon - just a few more details to be completed and the tempranillo shall flow.

A tasty little lunch menu is available now, and did I mention the pastries? And shortbread bunnies with chocolate covered ears, and, oh, please, somebody stop me. The last time I popped in for a pot of chamomile tea, Bill Foland came in to look around and check on the bar he built with Ario Ysit quite a few years ago. Bill has been in Sunol just about forever, and told us his mother went to school here and now his grandchildren do!

You also have to meet Sandi's helper and longtime best buddy, Connie Hoffman of Livermore. The former bartender can patter with the best, and the friendship between the two ladies creates a very warm and sociable atmosphere. "I don't repeat gossip," Connie said the other day, "so listen up!" My kind of gal.

FIND WALLY: No, not Waldo, Wally. If you've been wondering where former Bosco's Bones & Brew manager Wally Halkovich and his assistant Doreen Dunnihoo have gotten to, you can find them at another Sunol-owned eatery - Skip Hinsley's Girasole in Pleasanton. Yes, that's the place I mentioned last week, because Skip is catering for Little Valley Vineyard - welcome to another chapter of Sunol Loopy Links.

Though both Wally and Doreen currently live in Livermore, they are definitely Sunolians at heart and have been missed since leaving Bosco's a few months ago. It's great to keep them in the Sunol family. Stay tuned for a column on Skip and his restaurant empire, his fascinating octagon-shaped Sunol home, and more.

FISHIE FEST: The Third Annual Fremont Steelhead Festival and Watershed Awareness Fair will be Saturday, May 11, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Niles Community Park, 3rd and H Streets in the Niles District of Fremont. The event includes steelhead and salmon restoration information, catch-and-release fly-fishing instruction, activities for kids, food, and live music. For more information contact the Alameda Creek Alliance at 510-845-4675.

There will also be a 10k "Spawning Run" and a 5k Fun Run. The running events along Alameda Creek start at Niles Community Park at 9a.m., and a beautiful Creek Alliance tee-shirt comes with your entry. The whole fun and educational day is a benefit for steelhead and salmon restoration efforts. Call 510- 657-6179 for race information.

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