June 3, 2002

ELLISTON EVENING FOR A CURE: With five walks down and eight to go, the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day walks have netted $22.25 million already in 2002. These funds will go to important breast cancer medical research, clinical care, support services, education and early detection through the Avon Foundation. Heather Shea, an event planner at Elliston Vineyards on Main Street in Sunol, will be participating July 12 - 14 in the San Jose-to-San Francisco walk.

On Thursday, June 6, from 6 to 8 p.m., you can support Heather's effort in a most enjoyable way at an Elliston fundraiser featuring a great meal and more in the winery's lovely Terrace Room. There will be a pasta feed, wine, and a prize drawing, with proceeds going to help Heather fulfill her pledge requirements for the walk. The cost is $25 per person. Please call 925-663-8214 for details or reservations.

SIGN 'EM UP: It's open enrollment time at Sunol Glen School, so here's your chance to join the unique SGS family via interdistrict transfer. If you're looking for a small school with excellent, dedicated teachers and staff for your student in grades K-8, please give Superintendent-Principal Diane Everett a call at 925-862-2026. She'll be happy to arrange a tour for you around our beautifully restored and re-landscaped school.

Sunol Glen is also a meeting place for many community groups, so there are abundant opportunities for students and parents to get involved in interesting activities. Check out www.Sunol.net for Sunol Glen School and other community info,

TOTS, TOO: Sunol Glen's extended care center, the Eagle's Nest, is offering a co-op Preschool Program for three-to-five year olds in the fall. The preschool will be open four days a week (days to be determined), from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Priority registration will be given to Sunol residents and siblings of currently enrolled interdistrict families. Just for the record, the little darlings must be three by December 12, 2002, and fully potty-trained. Wel-l-l-l, it's a good incentive, right?

The moms in the canyon are buzzing about the possibilities of free mornings with the kidlets tucked safe and sound right here in Sunol. The preschool is another feather in the Eagle's Nest cap, adding to its already well-earned reputation for making life easier for so many families. The before-and-after school-age programs are outstanding, and the staff is as dedicated as you're likely to find. I'm not just tooting the local horn, here - I've gotten calls from parents telling me how the caring folks at the Nest made it possible for them to get through some very tough times.

The Eagle's Nest was developed four years ago by our school district to respond to the unique needs of our small school and close community. The staff is professionally trained in education and childcare, and expert at creating an accepting environment and encouraging life-long learning. They are committed to supporting the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth of children, in a safe and healthy environment. But it's the extras that endear the Nest staff to both the children and their parents - the whole family focus that makes it so unique and special.

Administrator Joan McCan and her staff have been caring for 93 students this year in their various programs. Joan, Jan Cornish and Candice Harvey recently participated in training for Kidzlit in preparation for the summer program, and Joan wrote and received a grant for $2,000 in books, materials and training. Joan and Jan have also received their Child Development Permits and continue with training programs through Alameda County Children and Families Commission. And just in case she's not busy enough, Jan substitutes for our school bus drivers and continues to take classes towards
her teaching degree.

The cooperative structure of the new preschool will ask each family to work for two days per month per child, and attend a monthly two-hour training and work session. The tuition will be $225 per month, with a one-time $100 per family registration fee. Please call Eagle's Nest Administrator Joan McCan at 925-862-0525 for enrollment details. And now, let me take this opportunity to give a full-on standing "O" to Joan and Jan, Candace, and mom and daughter team Adrienne and Megan Hoxie. You're the greatest!

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