August 19, 2002

SUNOL IS A DOG-LOVING TOWN. We take our dogs seriously here, especially given that the dear departed Bosco served as the town's once and only mayor. So it is with pride and the hope of eventual historical significance that I introduce downtown Sunol's latest mascot, D-o-g. No, that's not a typo…Connie Hoffman, of Little Valley Vineyard's bistro, has adopted an adorable puppy and named him D-o-g, pronounced "Diogi," which sounds like the name of an Italian prince.

We don't know if D-o-g has royal lineage, as he is basically, shall we say, of mixed genetic background, but we do know he has some big ol' feet and will someday be the master of his realm. In the meantime, he sits outside the bistro, charming all who pass into a head scratch at the very least. Somewhere in heaven, Bos is watching his development closely to see if he has what it takes to be a true Sunol mascot.

SCHOOL BOARD NEWS: Bob Foster, elected in last October's recall to replace Mike Cerny, and Guin Van Dyke, appointed by the board to fill Bob Chisholm's seat when he resigned, will be unopposed in the November election. "Our school board is stabilizing very well, and we are all working together to make this school year one of Sunol Glen's best ever," said Superintendent-Principal Diane Everett. "Enrollment is up, as is morale, and I'd like to thank our marketing committee for their excellent efforts," she added.

The actual number of students who will start school at Sunol Glen on August 27 won't be known until that first day bell rings. Such is the case with all schools, as families change their plans right up to the last minute. "We can say, however, that it looks like we will have at least 180 students, a nice increase from last year," Diane said. "Sunol Glen has always been a very special school, and though we had to weather some difficult times last year, the character and quality we are known for is back in a big way."

There will be a school board meeting tomorrow in the school library at 7 p.m. One of the issues to be discussed is the possible tabling of further discussion regarding increasing the board from three to five trustees. The board is planning to send a letter to residents inquiring as to community interest in this matter, as there has been little indication that many townsfolk see the need for the change. If you would like to weigh in personally on this matter, please come to Tuesday evening's meeting.

PARK PROGRESS: Saturday was a work day in the Sunol Community Park, organized by Jim O'Laughlin, Park Chairperson for the Sunol Business Guild. As this column is filed on Fridays, I'm hoping lots of volunteers showed up to help move the old container next to the new one, prune trees along the pathway and install the new walking path around the perimeter of the park.

That covers two of three goals the Guild hopes can be achieved by October 6, the date of the Great Sunol Bed Races and Chili Cook-Off. The third is to erect a trellis where the old stage was. "The foundations have been poured and work is continuing on that," Jim said. If you have questions about plans for the park and/or would like to get involved, give Jim a call at 925-862-2550. "Drop by and see what is happening with the park," Jim concluded. "It's starting to look like one!"

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