April 7, 2003

HERE'S A LITTLE FOLLOW-UP large-colorful-bird story for you. A fellow journalist who saw last week's tale of Max the macaw reports that her sister, who lives in Arizona, has a macaw she loves. She got Crackers after she lost her favorite parrot, Big Bird. She had a huge cage constructed so that it was part inside and part outside, with a door cut in the wall so Big Bird could go back and forth. He also had fluttering privileges in the house, but she kept his wings clipped so he wouldn't fly off.

She was outside cleaning his cage one day and Big Bird got out. Unfortunately, she hadn't had his winged clipped for a while and off he flew. She tried to keep track of him on foot, but Big Bird out-distanced her and got away. She put up flyers everywhere and after a few days she got a call from a man who said, "Did you lose a parrot?"

"Yes!" she answered. "I've been looking everywhere for Big Bird!" The man said he had seen her poster and told her that the bird had just landed on his lawn and came right up to him. "Oh, that's terrific!" she responded. "Where can I meet you to get him back?"

"Get him back?" he asked, "oh, we don't want to give him back - we just wanted to know his name." Click. At least she knew Big Bird was okay, which was some sort of relief, but my goodness, what was that guy thinking?

WHO WAS THAT MASKED WINEMAKER? Sunolians Fran and Lanny Replogle's Fenestra Winery has teamed up with Concannon Vineyards and Thomas Coyne Winery to invite you to a "Rhone Rangers" Winemaker Dinner. The event takes place Friday, April 25 at Castle Rock Restaurant in Livermore. Hors d'oeuvres and the four-course epicurean feast are designed to showcase an outstanding selection of Rhone wines from each winery. The cost is $60 per person and you can call the restaurant at 925-456-7100 for reservations and information.

TOWN MEETING TOMORROW: Sunol Glen School Superintendent- Principal Diane Everett is hosting a town meeting tomorrow (4-8) at 6 p.m. in the auditorium. The agenda will include strategies to continue this year's increased enrollment and other fund raising efforts. Sunol Glen wants to make every effort to keep all of its great teachers and programs in spite of the state budget cuts. Please come and find out how you can help.

EXPLORATION DAY COMING SOON: Valiant volunteer Lisa Harper has once again taken on Sunol Glen's annual Exploration Day program and she needs lots of help. Some positions have been filled by other great volunteers, including Caren Foster, Liliana Ruelas, Martha Carter, Mary Raffanti, Diana Madden, Helen Eberle, Miki Whitfield, Debra Ingram, Suzanne Oliveira, Janet Perry and Carolyn Glass, but many more are needed. Please contact Lisa at 925-862-0426 or via e-mail at harper12@attbi.com to sign up to share your hobby or career with the students, escort presenters or students, photograph the event, or pitch in to set up, clean up or help in the kitchen.

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