June 2, 2003

SO, WHAT ARE THE KIDS DOING THIS SUMMER? Another school year is wrapping up and here comes summer vacation. Some youngsters will attend summer school, others will travel to visit family, and the many and varied "away" camps will be filled. Should you, however, be interested in a few suggestions, check these out:

SUNOL VALLEY GOLF CLUB is accepting sign-ups for weeklong sessions at Junior Golf Summer Camp. There are full day and half-day programs, both for all skill levels. Golf has many benefits besides being on the move outdoors and being the next Tiger Woods. Golf enhances many athletics skills, as well as important life skills such as patience, mental focus and concentration. Not a bad accomplishment for a child's summer, eh?
Here's the scoop: Participants in all sessions receive a Titleist "amenity" package and enjoy a 6:1 student-teacher ratio in camps limited to 32 kids each. For $125, your Junior Golfer can attend a 15-hour program, which runs 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. with a snack provided. The instruction includes putting, chipping, bunker play, full swing, rules and etiquette, course management and more. There are three sessions: June 30 to July 4, July 28 to August 1 and August 11 to 15.
The full-day camp offers 35 hours of instruction, skill development; full swing, putting, chipping and bunker from 8: 30 a.m. to noon, a relaxing lunch break, food provided, from noon to 1 p.m., and course play with staff from 1 to 3 p.m. The full-day camp runs from July 14 to 18 and the cost is $295.
You can register on-line at www.sunolvalley.com/org_juniors_camp.html, or call the Pro Shop for more information at 925-862-0414. And if you're a golfer yourself, there's time while your youngster's at camp for a round on the course, of course.

SUMMER FUN AT THE EAGLE'S NEST: Another fun option for your kids is "Run Away to the Circus" camp at Sunol Glen School's Eagle's Nest. Youngsters from entering kindergarten to entering eighth grade are welcome in programs with a variety of time frames.

Half-day programs from either 8 a.m. to noon or noon to 4 p.m. each weekday except Wednesday are available for $22 per day. Full-day programs come in two sizes, full-time, five days for $130 per week, and part-time for two days for $65 per week and three-days for $110. There is also hourly attendance available for only $5.50 per hour.

The circus theme promises an exciting experience, including a field trip to Splash Circus in Emeryville for clown training! At the Eagle's Nest, the kids will be practicing gymnastics, performing clown skits and sometimes just clowning around, according to Director Jan Cornish. All will culminate in the Eagle's Nest Circus presentation for family and friends.

Jan is looking for some help making clown costumes. "I have all the material, patterns, etc. - I just need a couple of volunteers to help out." She also wanted to take the opportunity to offer "sincere thanks and appreciation to all our fabulous families from the Eagle's Nest Staff." Contact Jan at 925-862-0525 with questions or to request an application.

OUR BEAUTIFUL WILDERNESS: And there are always wonderful nature adventures for all ages at the Sunol Regional Wilderness. At their Web site, www.ebparks.org/events.htm, you can view scheduled activities by date, place or theme, download maps, and find out all you need to know to make use of this wonderful resource this summer. You can also make reservations for most Sunol park activities and request maps and catalogs by phone at 925-862-2601. For group picnic and/or campsite reservations, please call 510-636-1684.

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