June 30, 2003

SCHOOL BUDGET WOES are slowly but surely being edged out by the efforts and generosity of Sunol Glen parents and other community volunteers. There were several major fundraisers in the spring that helped bring the school's music, drama, computer and library programs back from the brink.

In March, the Sunol Repertory Theatre production of "The Vile Veterinarian" raised $7,000 earmarked for Sunol Glen art and drama programs, the "Dollar a Day" fundraiser has brought in over $8,000 so far, and the Spring Fling auction at Little Valley Bistro made another $10,000.

Superintendent-Principal Diane Everett is also thrilled to announce that there are already 212 students registered for the fall, the highest enrollment in quite a few years. The increase in Average Daily Attendance (ADA) from the state will be welcomed, and may even support the hiring of another teacher. The music, computer and art programs are in gear for next year, and with the Giant Summer Flea Market coming up July 12, the librarian should be back on board as well.

The "Dollar a Day" program asks Sunol Glen families to donate $1 per school day for a total of $180 per child. Numerous families have participated, some giving well over the requested amount. Other donations were made by concerned citizens, organizations and businesses. The school would like to thank the following folks for their contributions:

Leonard Lloyd, Kris Everett, Lisa Arcieri, Barry and Shirley Kaminski, William Keck, Tyler Ocon, Taylor King, Frank Fries, Kelly Capdeville, Emily and Colby Jackson, Robb and Mary Marshall, and the Eberle, Woods, Copeland, Brown-Morris, Reisenthal, Barnes, Sutako, Krikorian and Bissinger families. Also, the Sunol Boy Scouts, Baroody Pipes, and the Murphy-Hadlock, Heckman-Engelberts, Jechart, Ciolono, Krikorian, Bettencourt, Perry, Scroggins and Gatterman families.

TWO TOO TERRIFIC LADIES: At the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon June 13, Diane Everett presented the Vivienne Scheib award for outstanding service to Sunol Glen to first grade teacher Nancy Chiprich and parent volunteer Lori Nielsen. Diane said, "I could not run this school without Nancy. She is a very supportive worker and her husband John does almost as much work here as she does. They marketed the school for us and really helped a lot with the Spring Fling."

Diane also had much to say about Lori. Yes, Lori - the very lady I suggested must have cloned herself because she does so many things here (See the next item for proof!). "Lori is always doing everything for our school," Diane said. "She works very quietly behind the scenes getting so much done. Lori has always been involved with the flea markets and has been a volunteer here for many years." Congrats to two deserving, devoted members of the Sunol Glen family.

MYSTERY SOLVED: The Mystery Theatre Dinner at Little Valley Bistro June 21 was a big success and quite a hoot. Bistro owners Sandi Bohner and Bill Webster were so pleased, they are hoping to do it again. Now that the who-done-it is done, we can give the Bistro Players their due - all identities and plot lines were kept top secret before the performance.

The actors included Klay Kunkel and Diane Tiessen, who also served as co-directors. Other Sunolians portraying the table-roving characters were Diane's husband Irvin, Stephan Doyle, Lori Nielsen (yup, here she is again!), Derek Johnson, Lynn Kozma, Kelly Sandlin, Paige Mendicino and Louise Throop. Pleasanton resident Ted Tinges and San Ramonians Sue Marshall and Suzanne Diers rounded out the cast.

As for the audience, they were kept pretty busy themselves - in addition to enjoying a delicious meal and Little Valley wines, each table had to come up with a little "audition" piece as part of the play. Two versions of "Doggie in the Window" and one of "Kitty in the Window" competed with several jokes of a slightly bluish tinge for prizes ranging from a bottle of wine to a deck of cards shaped like a dog biscuit.

And just before the final scene exposing the perpetrator of the evening's "murder," each table wrote down who they thought did the deed and answered several "investigative" questions. Three tables walked away with prizes for guessing correctly on all counts. And by all counts, a great time was had by all.

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