March 8, 2004

Signs of spring have surely arrived here in Sunol. Sinbad Creek no longer looks like chocolate milk from the recent storms and is finally running clean and clear. The critters, which inhabit the hills around my house, are starting to re-appear. In fact, my car nearly collided with a wayward deer early the other morning and on some days I have even encountered a two-legged variety in the form of a bicyclist. The wild turkeys though seem to be oblivious to any passing car and strut their colorful bodies across the road in front of you as if you were interuppting their pathway. Everything seems to be that perfect color green, from the fern that grows along the hillside to the beautiful moss covered trees.

The springtime also reminds us of another annual event here in Sunol. In it's 23rd season, The Sunol Repertory Theatre proudly presents "Trapped in a Villan's Web or Weave me a Loan". This years old-fashioned melodrama written by Tim Kelly is set in a elegant Brooklyn hat shop. And for those of you who have never had the opportunity to attend, audience participation is very much expected. The play's hero gets cheered, the heroine gets the aaahhhs and the sinister bad guy gets boood and lots and lot of fall-out-of-your-seat laughter.

This years colorful characters are: Sue Marshall as Fifi Du Bayou, Klay Kunkel as Beau Weevil, Derek Johnson as Dogtemper, Diane Tiessen as Emma, Paige Mendicino as Mrs. Reckonwith, Laurie Walker as Little Sally, Patti Balch as Cora Cornseed, Lori Nielsen as Victoria Oxbow, Michael Brown as Johnny Sage, Ted Tinges as Orson Buggy, Suzanne Diers as Mrs. Tanratty, Sandi Bohner as Mrs. Manypenny, Kelly Sandlin as Gussie, Dale Walker as Oliver, Krista Schram as Polly, Sarae Van Dyke as Molly, Stephan Doyle a Mannequin, Lynn Kozma as Coachman and this years sign girls are Stashia and Alexis Hylas. Sunol Glen students performing olios, which are small skits in between the play's acts are Sara Brown, Craig Perry, Rebecca Brown, Grant Perry, Hayley Nielsen, Hannah Xenakis and Kelsi Ocon. This seasons directors are Stephan Doyle and Lynn Kozma and producer is Diane Tiessen.

I had the opportunity to see the action up close during last years production and the Sunol Repertory Theatre's actors and crew are exceptionally professional and they truly go out of their way to make each and every performance shine. Hours of rehearsal and set decoration begin in January and they work very hard all the way up to the performance dates in March. Performance dates are March 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 at 8:00 p.m.

This years production, as with those of the past are surely to sell out quickly so hurry and gets your tickets well in advance. The tickets can be purchased at Sunol Corners Store from 10:00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m. and are $10 each. Sunol Repertory Theater has contributed $67,000 over the last 22 years and proceeds benefit Sunol Glen School's theater and arts program.

Always keeping us in a festive mood and honoring St. Patricks Day, Elliston Vineyards is offering a Irish-style buffet at $25.00 per person on Sunday, March 14 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. call 925-862-2377 for more information.

Get well wishes are in order for Wayne Zimmerman, we hope you are making speedy recovery.

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