July 12, 2004

Summer time in Sunol always reminds me of my childhood here in Kilkare Woods. Long, hot days spent by the pool, riding my bike to the "Little Store" to get a root beer Popsicle, catching snakes in the dry creek bed, climbing hills the color of golden amber and the Alameda County Fair. I just can't get enough of it! Yes, I must admit I've been to the fair at least six times already. It's just that I keep getting phone calls from people urging me to take a look at this or that. Oh, just give me an excuse to go again. One exhibit that is a must see is the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association booth. A wooden trellis adorned with a garland of vines and lights in the shape of grape clusters frames the entrance to the booth. The exhibit includes a miniature bocce ball court, a water fountain, a bicycle, bottles of wine and a barbeque pit. With lots of foliage and wall hangings around you have the feeling that you are looking at someone's beautiful backyard patio. Fran Replogle of Fenestra Vineyards, Caroline Chouinard of Chouinard Vineyards, Emilie Coyne of Thomas Coyne Vineyards and Sandi Bohner of Little Valley Vineyards did a wonderful job creating this exhibit. Sandi tells me she even visits the exhibit every morning to spruce up everything. Their exhibit won four 1st place blue ribbons for Adherence to Theme, Use of Square Footage, Special Effect and Creativity and Best of Class and they also won two 2nd place red ribbons for Best Appearance and Best Education.

Last week I mentioned all the dedicated 4-H members who were showing at the fair and thanks to 4-H Reporter Gabrielle Gilbert, I have the names of more winners.

Winning for Breeding Beef were, Jessica Crawford, 1st place for Pen of Three and Grand Champion Hereford Heifer and 3rd place Showmanship; Gabrielle Gilbert, 1st place form Summer Yearling Bull and 6th place in Showmanship; Haley Imhoff, 1st place in Breeding Heifer and 5th place in Showmanship; Frank Imhoff, 2nd place in Breeding Heifer.

Winning for their rabbits were, Wyatt Milne, 7th place Best of Breed; Cassie Scroggins, 4th place Best of Breed; Devin Wells, 5th place Best of Breed.

Winning in Market Swine were Justin Amaral, 4th and 6th place; Mike Bruncardi, 3rd place; Jeffrey Clark, 1st place and 2nd place; Jessica Crawford, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and 1st place Pen of Three; Devin DeValle, 5th place; Katie Donovan, 1st place; Luke Donovan, 6th place; Gabrielle Gilbert, 3rd place and 7th place; Haley Haggerty, 5th place; Jennifer Haggerty, 2nd place, Haley Imhoff, 3rd place; Frank Imhoff, 2nd place; Chanel Schvaneveldt, 3rd place and 6th place; Shane Schvaneveldt, 4th place; Danielle Scroggins, 2nd place and 3rd place. Gabrielle tells me that market swine are categorized in class by weight and there were 14 classes of market swine with approximately 15 in each class.

Winning for Market Beef were Hernon Baron, 5th place; Jessica Crawford, 3rd place and 6th place in Showmanship; Anthony DeValle, 6th place; Devin DeValle, 6th place; Galen Hoxie, 6th place; Travis Hoxie, 4th place; Frank Imhoff, 3rd place and 6th place in Showmanship; Haley Imhoff, 1st place and Grand Champion; Andrew Nelson 6th place in Showmanship; Nichole Nelson, 6th place; Danielle Scroggins, 2nd place and 4th place in Showmanship.

Winning for Sheep is Amanda Hoxie, 1st place in market Lamb.

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