October 25, 2004

A few weeks ago I mentioned the fact that we do a lot of fundraisers here in this small-unincorporated hamlet we call Sunol. And of course with any type of fundraising you get lots of volunteers; parents and friends who you can always count on to give a helping hand. And because this is Sunol, you will see a few of the same faces volunteering at several different events. It's actually quite a fun way to keep in contact with your friends and neighbors when you are working side by side for a good cause.

Sunol Glen Schools 12th annual Walkathon, chaired by Judy Bettencourt, was a success largely because of the huge numbers of volunteers working behind the scenes to make this a special day for all involved. Judy would like to thank the following committee chairpersons; Tammy Merrill-Johnson, Martha Carter, Zouri Zale, Sharon Morgan, Candice Harvey, Carolyn Glass and Lori Nielsen.

And many more Volunteers-- Jan Cornish, Victoria Barnes, Lisa Olson, Katie Carter, Mrs. Whiteside, Maria Snedeker, Guin Van Dyke, Sarae Van Dyke, Katie Surles, Nici Power, Denise Laughlin, Sandra Sharkey, Cathy Morris, Camie Bowling, Monica Hobbs, Suzanne Oliveira, Ashley Kentra, Jessica Merrill, Stephan Doyle, Diana Madden, Sherrie O'Connor, Ashley O'Connor, Chance O'Connor, Justice O'Connor, Sveta Krikorian, Patti Frei, Chris Olsen, Annalise Olsen, Katelyn Olsen, Valerie Meyers, Linda Kunzte, Kelly Capilla, the Wheeler family and all the 8th grade class and their parents.

A very special thanks goes to the Sunol Glen maintenance crew of Brad Taylor and Leo Marquez. A big thank you also to the following families for their donation of prizes; the Beck family, the Caplan family, the Harlan family, the McClay family and the Nielsen family.

Community Club president, Lori Nielsen asks that the next time you see Judy make sure to give her a big pat the back because she says "without all of her time, energy and dedication, our wonderful Walkathon could not, would not, have happened".

Pat Stillman was quite astonished when several of the Little Brown Church's eager youth descended on her home last Saturday morning for their Youth for the Elderly service project. "It was a surprise to me, I thought there would be only one youth that would come up and they all came!" said Pat.

Armed with shovels, rakes and gloves these terrific kids worked very hard at cleaning her spacious yard in no time at all; helping out that day were Kyle Bachand, Troy Bachand, Nicola Barnes, Becca Brown, Jessica Christian, Jonathan Dogan, Megan Huefler, David Robertson, Julia Robertson and Nicholas Robertson; accompanying the kids were the church's Youth Leader, Rebecca Dogan, Pastor Ron Hunt and parents Victoria Barnes, Steve Bachand, Mike Brown and Mike Christian.

Pastor Ron says, "It was a wonderful event, a great thing to see our youth excited to help and the community rallying to sponsor them. We have raised thus far $2,375 with more coming in. It's really exciting to see the youth grasp the call of Christ to help those in need. It was a joyful day and I loved the experience and the youth did to". Pat added, "They were just wonderful kids; they were just a delight, I really appreciated it. It's a wonderful project".

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