November 15, 2004

Although we don't usually see four distinct seasons here in the Bay Area, life in Sunol certainly does change during the autumn season. Growing up here in Sunol, I don't remember noticing as a child, the brilliant colors of the trees when they changed in the autumn; I guess you cherish those moments more as you get older. And I don't remember the rainy weather being so early in the season as it is now. Several years ago there was a small general store at the top of Kilkare Canyon, we called it the "Little Store". During the autumn, locals would gather at the store to place their bets on when Sinbad Creek, which parallels Kilkare Road, would start its seasonal run. If I could I would bet that this year the creek is going to start running very soon. I love the sounds of the creek, during the autumn and spring season the water gently trickles over the rocks; during the winter's storms, there are the loud, thundering sounds of the rocks rolling against each other and the spring brings a million croaking frogs. Sometimes I drive the length of Kilkare Road with my car's windows open just to listen to the creek.

On October 23, in recognition of National Make A Difference Day, parents and students of Sunol Glen School rolled up their sleeves and gave up a Saturday to work on small projects around the school. Please join me in applauding these Sunol Glen "Angels"; parents, Clyde and Sharon Morgan, Nancy Davis, Maria Snedeker and Ralph and Lori Nielsen. Lori said, "A special thank you to two of our students who also participated on Saturday, Melissa Morgan and Arin Snedeker".

The Little Brown Church is looking for the perfect candidate to fill two employment positions. The positions available are for a janitor able to work 2 to 3 hours a week. Some cleaning experience is required and they must have the ability to work independently. The other position is for an administrative assistant position able to work 12 hours a week. Experience should include word processing skills, positive interpersonal and communication skills, organizational skills and the ability to work independently. To apply for either position please contact or send your resume to Pastor Ron Hunt at P.O. Box 124, Sunol, CA 94586 or call 925-862-2004, ext.3.

It's that time again, an "only in Sunol" moment; I'm proud to announce Sunol Glen School's 1st quarter honor roll; fifth grade honorees are Devin Corcoran, Madison Craig, Conner DuCoty, Jared Firl, Dana Hartman, Alexa Hylas, Kelsey Kruger, Beau Lawrence; Emily Madden, Kelsi Ocon, Grant Perry, Elise Savoy, Cassandra Scroggins, Andre Snedeker, Alfonso Vergara and Gabrielle Wu.

Sixth grade honorees are Leny Alexander, Kyle Bachand, Rebecca Brown, Jordan Craig, Lauren Freeman, Kyle Harris, Stasia Hylas, Callie Milligan, Melissa Morgan, Ian Player, Bren Power, Anthony Primer, Zachary Savoy, Adriana Sutalo, Bowie Twombly, Aris Vlacos and Kekoa Wu.

Seventh grade honorees are Nicola Barnes, Jeffrey Bettencourt, Caitlin Carter, Jessica Christian, Gregory Monson, Hayley Nielsen, Tyler Ocon, Craig Perry, Rachel Raffanti, Kyle Scroggins and Daniel Zinna.

Eight grade honorees are Jovan Beard, Nicole Harvey, Travis Hoxie, Corbin Kuntze, Angela Lee, Wyatt Milne, Julian Reisenthel, Andrew Wheeler and Tara Zahiri.

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