November 22, 2004

You know the old saying, "Time flies when you're having fun", well it's been a year folks, yes one whole year since I began writing this column and I'm still getting a big kick out of reporting all the happenings "Around Sunol". I've covered everything from Africans drums, bocce ball railroad speeder cars, and the fox trot and to distressed cows and prizewinning pigs. We don't get a lot of department store grand-openings and city council type news around here but, I have put old friends in touch with lost friends; I have reminded old timers of the past; I have answered historical questions; I have attended countless meetings and functions and events and best of all I get invited to the most interesting parties.

During this past year I have also received some very interesting emails from a few of my more alert readers and a lot of inquiries about everything and anything that has to do with the town of Sunol. One interesting email I received was an inquiry regarding Bosco our most infamous mayoral dog. It seems that a Canadian children's book author is compiling information on unusual animal antics for his next project. Upon further investigation I discovered that this author has already published another very popular childrens book called "Gross Universe; Your Guide to All Disgusting Things Under the Sun." Another, "only in Sunol" moment.

When I first accepted this assignment, I was approached by many of you, "How in the world are you going to do it? You are going to run out of material within a year." Well yes, I have had a few nail-biting moments, but just when I'm scratching my head thinking, "Uh-oh what am I going to write this week?" It happens. Somebody calls me or emails me with some newsworthy information; it usually goes something like this, "Hey I just heard/talked to/eavesdropped that…maybe you should write about it."

And just think how fun it would be if I could write about all the stuff I'm not supposed to write about? My columns weekly word count would go way over the limit. Even my family and closest friends begin our most private conversations with this personal disclaimer, "Now, you can't write about this in your column, but…." As if I'm going to write about everything everyone tells me? With a big grin on my face, I can only dream!

Even though my family has been a part of this town since 1939, I have learned so much more about the diverse population of Sunol just since writing this column. Growing up in Kilkare Woods was certainly different than living let's say on a horse farm. But at the same time we understand that here in Sunol, bohemians may be living next door to PhD's and on one street we have old and new farmhouses, log cabins, charming Victorian homes and multi-million dollar mansions.

That's the charm of Sunol; we are all very unique in our own individual way. But most important is that, although we are probably the smallest unincorporated town in the county, we are definitely one of the strongest in our love of community. We are not quiet in our thoughts but active and vibrant and very opinionated. We care about each other and our town and we are proud to say we are Sunolians. Here's to a wonderful year of getting to know most of you and thanks for allowing me to share your hopes, dreams and desires. Happy Thanksgiving!

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