January 10, 2005

It's that time of year again and no, I'm not talking about Girl Scout cookie sales (although that will begin on January 15, so look for a visit from your local scout). It's time for the town's most talented, wild, zany and fun theatrical production. Get ready for Sunol Repertory Theaters 24th annual melodrama, "Curses, Foiled Again!…Or to Heiress is Human". Adapted from a play written by Tim Kelly, this year's production will be directed by SRT veteran, Diane Tiessen and produced by Lynne Kozma and Sandi Bohner.

Of course what's an old-fashioned melodrama without a hero, heroine, villain and new this year, a villainess. I'm proud to announce this year's fabulously talented and brave cast. Playing the part of the hero, Real McCoy, is Wells Twombly; Paige Mendicino plays the heroine, Cheerful Goody2shoes; the villain, Otis Crummy, is played by Patti Balch and the villainess, Tangerine Soufflé is played by Suzanne Diers.

Rounding out this years outstanding cast is Sarae Van Dyke as Calamity Mist, Ted Tinges as Foggy Haze, Phil Mumford as Diabolical Bill, Cliff Pepper as Banker Goofus Birdsong, Sue Marshall as Good Ole' Mother Hubbard, Lori Nielsen as Miz Kitchencupboard, Klay Kunkel as Lawyer Muggleworth, Sandi Bohner as Mrs. Muchmoney, Tom Harland and Stephan Doyle share the role of Sheriff Maud and Lynn Kozma is Effie Frump.

All participants in this annual production are dedicated volunteers and most perform many dual duties. Working behind the scenes is Technical Director, Derek Johnson and his technical crew, Bill Webster and Steve Shorten; Choreographer, Suzanne Diers; Costume Director, Patti Balch; Properties Manager, Irv Tiessen; Stage Manager, Lori Walker; Stage Crew, Stephan Doyle; House Manager, Louise Throop; Props, Tom Harland, Cliff Pepper and Klay Kunkel; Set Design, Tom Harland and Patti Balch; Publicity, Guin Van Dyke and Paul Dettinger and Programs, Kelly Sandlin. Last and certainly the most valuable member of this production is the very talented pianist and musical director, Allen Schell.

Producer Lynn Kozma tells me that they are still looking to fill a few volunteer positions. If you are interested in being a part of this very special group they are still looking for a prompter, make-up artists, billboard artist, additional technical crew and stage crew members and they need someone to direct the kids Olios, which are short skits in between scenes. For more information on these positions please contact Lynn at 925-862-0671.

This play is a vital part of the community and all monies raised are donated to Sunol Glen Schools arts and education programs. Last season's donation of $7,000 brought a total amount of $67,000 donated to the school over the last 23 years. The actors have a grueling but fun rehearsal scheduled twice a week for the two months leading up to the performances, which run every Friday and Saturday night in the month of March.

Mark your calendars because tickets go on sale to the public, February 7 at the Sunol Corners Store located on Highway 84 across the street from the entrance to the Sunol Water Temple.

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