June 6, 2005

As owner of Sunol Corners Store, Dolores Reimer provided a friendly presence on what is a very popular route for many. There are only four routes serving as "escapes" from Sunol, Dolores's store sat on the corner of busy Highway 84 also known as Niles Canyon Road. The whimsical wooden yard art she sold created a welcoming feeling to her tiny, country establishment. She attracted kids looking for a snack, husbands looking to buy flowers for their wives and an inviting seat at her picnic table for those tired bicyclist just looking for a place to rest and enjoy a cool drink.

But most of Dolores's favorite and regular customers were those who worked just across the street at the San Francisco Water Department's Sunol facility. "They would come into the store and chat, buy snacks and flowers. It was more than a customer relationship; more like a family," said younger sister Shirley Christensen. "She was friendly with all of them."

Diagnosed with lung cancer, Dolores never fully recovered from her March 8 surgery After spending 11 weeks in the hospital she finally succumbed May 27 to double pneumonia.

After a noticeable absence from the store, Dolores's sister Shirley said; "They all asked about her, they were very much concerned about her welfare."

During Dolores's hospitalization, good friends Julie and Rob Cyr of Sunol and sister and brother in law, Shirley and Ken Christensen of Livermore did their very best to keep the place running but the family is currently in the process of selling the store. There are several interested buyers.

Dolores and Shirley were working for the previous owner of Sunol Corners, selling flowers by the roadside, when they were offered to purchase the business. The sisters took over the store in 1991 and Shirley worked along side Dolores until 1997. "It was a labor of love, she loved the town of Sunol", said daughter Debbie Wright. "She worked six days a week. All her friends were in Sunol, she absolutely loved it." Although Shirley worked alone in her tiny store and she had plenty of friendly visitors, we will always remember her most trusted companion, her 30-pound cat Rusty who now resides with a family member.

Born and raised in Poughkeepsie, NY, Dolores was one of five siblings. In 1964 Dolores married Alvin Reimer and, along with her two children from a previous marriage, moved to Northglenn, CO in 1965. Then it was a move to Livermore in 1974 that brought her a little closer to Sunol. She is survived by husband Alvin Reimer of Livermore; daughter, Debbie Wright and son-in-law Howard Wright of Modesto; son, Raymond Reimer of Livermore; granddaughters, Jessica and Melissa Wright and grandson J.P. Reimer; sister Rose Marie Richardson of New York; brother Michael Lucas of Florida; sister Shirley Christensen and brother-in-law Ken Christensen of Livermore and she was preceded in death by a brother, Vincent Lucas.

"She was well loved and she will be deeply missed and she will always be in our hearts. My last comment to her was that we will meet again." Shirley said.

Memorial services for Dolores were held last Saturday at the Little Brown Church of Sunol.

Calling all kids! Are you interested in projects such as woodworking, cooking or scrap booking? Want to learn more about raising sheep, rabbits or pigs? Sunol 4-H is now recruiting new members for the year beginning next fall. To learn more about 4-H you can join current members at their annual end of the year barbeque tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. at Sunol Glen School or call Teresa Donovan at 925-862-2118 for more information.

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