June 27, 2005

It was a big night for 15 Sunol Glen School eighth graders as they took to the auditorium stage on June 17 to accept their diplomas. Dressed in their very best, the students looked nervous as proud parents and grandparents snapped photos of this very small graduating class.

The graduates were Anjuli Alexander, Jovan Beard, Alexander Boag, Megan Capilla, Ryan Harper, Nicole Harvey, Travis Hoxie, Ashley Kentra, Corbin Kuntze, Angela Lee, Jessica Merrill, Wyatt Milne, Julian Reisenthel, Andrew Wheeler and Tara Zahiri.

The auditorium was brightly decorated in pink, black and red with a "Rock and Roll" theme for the dance that would follow. Parents did a terrific job decorating and providing food and refreshments for the end of the year dance. Fifth grade teacher, Phil Mumford, entertained the audience with his usual comedic antidotes as Commencement speaker. But on a serious note he gave the class some great advice as they enter another phase of their young lives.

Each year a graduating high school senior from Sunol is awarded a scholarship from Sunol Glen School. During the Sunol Glen graduation ceremonies principle, Diane Everett presented Jessica Crawford with the Beverly Zimmerman Scholarship and Katie Donovan was awarded the Sunol Glen School Scholarship.

Jessica addressed the eighth grade class with some heartfelt advice on leaving a small town school for a much larger high school. She said it was important to make lots of friends right away and not be intimidated because you are from a small school and won't know anyone. Jessica plans on attending Las Positas College and then transferring to UC Davis to major in veterinarian medicine. Jessica's Mom Donna said, "She felt very honored to receive the scholarship." Katie plans to attend Las Positas as well and will be majoring in the medical field. Both girls and their families have been involved in Sunol 4-H for many years.

Also graduating this year were Sunol seniors from Foothill High School, Jessica Crawford, Reid Davis, Katie Donovan, Matthew Graham, Galen Hoxie, Jeremy Kerby, Peter Lindstrom, Meghann Pine, Clinton Rose, Morgan Williams and Amber Winders. Sara Harris and Janelle Mills graduated from Amador High School and Heather McClelland graduated from Livermore High School.

As the school year has ended, I would like to extend a big thank you to Sunol Glen Schools administrative staff, especially Teresa Donovan and Miki Whitfield for being so helpful to me.

Attention Kilkare Road residents --be very aware. A mountain lion was sighted in the early morning hours last Wednesday. The lion was seen sprinting across the road right in front of a passing vehicle. The lion then crossed a bridge over Sinbad Creek and went up the driveway of a house on Kilkare Road near mile marker 1.47. Living in such a rural, country environment, we know we share space with lots of these beautiful wild creatures, but please lets just take certain precautions and know they are near.

The first of many awards to be acquired by the fantastic citizens of Sunol during the Alameda County Fair season have been announced. Sunol winners of this years 2005 San Francisco Bay Wine Competition include Fenestra Winery's Silver Award for their 2001 Zinfandel, 2003 Alvarelhao and 2003 Dry Rose; and a Bronze Award for their 2003 White Riesling, True Red Lot #17, 2000 Syrah, 2001 Merlot, 2003 Cabernet Franc, 1999 Port, 2003 Malbec, 2002 Port, 2004 Semonnay, 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2002 Chardonnay. Little Valley Vineyards also received a Bronze Award for their 2000 Tempranillo and 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon.

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