July 24, 2006

Yes, living in the country may give us an advantage, but our Sunol 4-H’ers work hard all year to show off their animal projects during the Alameda County Fairs 2 week run. It is with great pleasure that I can announce this years champs.

Winning awards for rabbits were Jessica Harlan, who received a 1st place in the fur division and a 5th place in breed and a 1st place on her rabbit exhibit poster; Devin Wells, received an 8th place in Himalayan Breed Class and a 2nd place for her rabbit educational exhibit poster; Greg Griggs and Art Benevides, placed 4th in fur and 5th in breed for their shared Himalayan rabbit; Megan Harlan placed 3rd in breed class and received a 2nd place for her rabbit; Bonnie Crawford, Clayton Westrope, and Sam McClay all received 2nd place on their educational exhibit posters as well.

Winning awards for market swine were, Jessica Crawford, who received a 2nd Place Advanced Showmanship award and 1st Place market class; Nicole Nelson, received a 1st place and a 7th place in market class; Drew Imhof, received a 2nd place for beginning showmanship and 2nd place in market class; Maddie McClay, placed 4th in market class; Gabby Gilbert, placed 7th and 11th in market class; Frankie Imhof, received an 11th place in market class and Haley Imhof, received a 2nd place in market class.

The Sunol 4-H Beef group received 4th place for pen of 3 market steers. Luke Donovan, placed 6th in advanced beef showmanship and 4th in market class; Anthony DeValle placed 7th in advanced beef showmanship; Marc Donovan placed 6th in intermediate beef showmanship and he also placed 5th in beef market class; Travis Hoxie received 1st place in market class and he also received the award for the Highest Placing Hereford.

Haley Imhof received a 1st place in market class; Justin Amaral placed 2nd in market class; Randi Moore, placed 4th in market class; Frankie Imhof received a 2nd place in market class; Drew Imhof received a 4th place on market class and Jessica Crawford placed 1st in Advanced Market Beef Showmanship. Jessica Crawford also won Advanced Master Showmanship in the market beef class, which means this lucky young lady will be representing Alameda County at the 2006 California State Fair.

Winning awards for market sheep were, Andrew Nelson who received a 4th place and 5th place, a 7th place award with his 3 market lambs, a 4th place with breed and a 5th place for pen of 3 during market week; Brittany Harper received two 7th place awards in market class and an 8th place in advanced showmanship.

Equally thrilled to win awards were Maddie McClay, who won the Marrissa Hunt Memorial award and a $250 savings bond and Dale Scoggins, a Sunol 4-H leader, who won the Cathy Eppler 4-H Leader Memorial award.

Dani Scroggins received 1st place in the advanced Livestock Skillathon; Brittany Harper, received 8th place in advanced Livestock Skillathon and Nicole Nelson received 3rd place in intermediate Livestock Skillathon

Awards won for Breeding Beef included Frankie Imhof, a 4th place win for breeding showmanship, Supreme Champion Heifer, 1st place yearling heifer, 1st place jr. calf, 1st place jr. bull and 2nd place cow/calf pair; Jessica Crawford, Spring Hereford Heifer Class winner, 2nd Place Bred and Owned Heifer, Reserve Grand Champion Hereford Bull, Grand Champion Bred and Owned Hereford Bull, 2nd Place cow/calf pair and1st Place Breeding Showmanship; Haley Imhof, 4th place yearling heifer, 4th place cow/calf pair and 2nd place jr bull and Drew Imhof, 3rd place yearling heifer.

Winning awards for Breeding Sheep were Andrew Nelson who received a 1st place for his ewe, two 3rd place wins for his ram lamb and best of 4 head, two 4th place wins for yearling ewe and 2yr old ewe and two 6th place wins for spring ewe and aged ewe.

Winning awards for Dairy Cattle were Frankie Imhof, 1st place showmanship and Grand Champion Grade Heifer; Haley Imhof, 1st in intermediate showmanship and Reserve Grand Champion Grade Heifer; Drew Imhof, 3rd place grade heifer; Luke Donovan, 2nd place grade heifer and Marc Donovan, 4th place grade heifer, 3rd in showmanship

For woodworking, the big winners were Kylie Kruger, who received three 1st place ribbons for a trivet, book ends and a cutting board; Chase Frei, received one 1st place and two 2nd place ribbons; Andrew Nelson, received two 2nd place on his bookends and trivet and a 1st for Best in Class for his cutting board and Kelsey Kruger received 1st place for book ends and 2nd place for her trivet.

Horsemanship awards went to April Ganser, who received Reserve Champion in horse halter and Nicole Nelson who received 3rd place in western pleasure, 2nd in western equitation and a 5th in trail.

Congratulation to all of you for your hard work and dedication. You make those of us in your community proud.

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