July 31, 2006

Last year I reported on the Niles Canyon Railway’s Boy Scout Railroad Merit Badge program and because the
program was so successful there is still a waiting list from that session, but the good new is that I have just received word from the Railroading Merit Badge Counselor, David Harris and he has informed me that they are again offering this popular program. Because there is already a waiting list, scouts that have completed a part of their requirements will have priority but the next sessions will be held on August 2, August 24 and September 30 at the Railroad Museum at the Sunol Depot. Each session will begin at 8:30 am and end at 4:30 pm. David also said that you could visit their web page at www.ncry.org/rrmb.shtml to familiarize yourself with the requirements.

David wrote, “We are working through our waiting list and going to scout meetings and Merit Badges Extravaganzas to help scouts get some of their requirements signed off besides just having our sessions at the railroad.” If you are interested in having a merit badge counselor visit your troop meeting to sign off on the Railroad Merit Badge requirements, please send them an email with the date, time, troop number and meeting location to railfan@baylug.org and they will contact you to confirm a date.

Connie De Grange, co-author of “A Place Called Sunol” will be appearing at Museum on Main in Pleasanton, to speak about the book she wrote with her father, Allen De Grange on August 17 at 7:00 p.m. This wonderful book is filled with fascinating stories and historical facts about our favorite town.

Admission to the museum is only $5.00 for museum members and $10.00 for non-members. Please call (925) 462-2766 for more information.

With all the recent middle school and high school grads, I failed to include our local college graduates. I recently received an email from proud Dad, Skip Hinsley. Skip’s son, James Hinsley, graduated from Santa Clara University on June 17 and immediately flew to Australia to take an extra summer semester at the University of Melbourne studying Australian history and culture. Upon his return James will be joining the rest of his family, sister, Nicole, brother-in-law, Jeff and nephews, Quinn and Sean in Sunol. He will also be working at Ernst & Young, auditing in their San Jose office. Congratulations!
Skip wrote, “Please express my personal thanks to all Sunolians who have patronized Girasole, Bighorn Grill and Pampered Palate Catering. We are also proudly doing the food service at Elliston Vineyards in Sunol since July of 2004.”
The Sunol Community Phone Book committee has been busy collecting names and phone numbers of as many Sunolians as possible and now it’s time to collect information from those wishing to place their business advertisements in the book. I’ve had a sneak preview of this book and believe me it’s more than just a little ol’ book. It will be packed with artist’s renditions of historical town buildings, amusing stories and fun facts. Businesses in our neighboring cities are welcome to place ads in the phone book as well, considering we usually have to visit out-of-town establishments for most services. If you would be interested in placing an ad in the phone book please contact Leanne at 925-862-2556 or email me at the address listed below.

On to a more serious subject, Kilkare Woods Association President, Stephan Doyle, had the most frightening experience last week when he was out walking his dog, Luke. He was returning home at around midnight when he encountered a large animal in his front yard. It was very dark and Luke was viscously barking at what he thought was probably a deer eating his garden so Stephan made a loud noise to scare it from his property. The problem was that it “hissed” back at him…. yes, it was a full-grown mountain lion!

The cougar went in the opposite direction and Stephan and Luke backed slowly towards their house. About an hour later Luke escaped from the house and went back outside but fortunately Stephan caught up with him before he tangled with the big cat because it was still loitering in his yard. I have hiked these canyons and woods and am always on alert of these magnificent but dangerous creatures, but please be cautious and keep a close eye on your pets and children.

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