August 28, 2006

After a 2 year hiatus, Sunol’s one and only gas station, Sunol Super Stop, has finally re-opened under new management. The station is remodeled and sparkling clean and brothers Eddie and Obaid from Castro Valley are excited to be offering a very low price for their gasoline. While other service stations are offering their gas for well over $3.00 a gallon, Eddie and Obaid were determined to beat their competitor’s price by selling for volume, not price and has actually sold their gas for $2.99 a gallon since their grand opening on August 6 and as of last Thursday their price dropped to an even lower $2.89 a gallon.

Located on the one of the busiest commute freeways in the Bay Area, the Sunol Grade on Highway 680, the Andrade Road gas station/mini-market is also stocked with all the convenience items you could ever need, from pet food and toiletries to trucker hats, ice cream and coffee. They are currently pumping several different types of gasoline including kerosene from 24 pumps and they will soon be moving their diesel pumps to the rear of the station to allow a better flow of car traffic in the front. Besides remodeling the interior, the old underground gas tanks outside the station were removed and 6 new double walled fiber glass tanks which hold 20,000 gallons of gas were installed.

Another first for Sunol, the station will soon be the home of a Subway Sandwich shop. Family owned and operated they also have gas stations in South Lake Tahoe, Oakland, Berkeley and Vacaville. Obaid said, “We have the best customer service and clean restrooms”.

Connie De Grange, co-author of “A Place Called Sunol” gave a very thorough and informative lecture at the Museum on Main a few weeks ago. While narrating an interesting slide show, Connie briefly explored the history of Sunol from the Ohlone Indian Villages and the Spring Valley Water Department to the town’s ties to the railroad and the city of San Francisco.

Although my family has been in Sunol for nearly 70 years, it was amazing to hear historical information that I had never heard before. Speaking before a packed room of approximately 75 eager listeners, I was pleasantly surprised to see some former Sunolians in the crowd such as Bob Athenour, Bonnie Bruton and her sister Diane Larson. Also in the audience were Connie’s husband, Ron Smith and her son Martin Smith.

“Hula on Down to Sunol Town”, that’s the name of Sunol Glen School Community Club’s Walkathon being held on September 30. Besides walking and walking and walking, the day will include limbo games, a jump house, dunk tank, cotton candy, and delicious food and as usual a visit from the California Department of Forestry who always enjoys blasting the kids with gallons of refreshing water. Chairperson Camie Bowling wrote, “It is going to be a fun filled day of events and walking to raise money for our school”.

This is the schools largest fundraiser and the town’s support is welcome. Sponsorship is needed so if you have a business in town or if you just wish to make a donation, please contact Camie Bowling at 510-207-729

Can you believe it? Where did the summer go? Tomorrow is the official “first day back to school”. With the new clothes, nervousness and all those school supplies out of the way I’m kind of looking forward to the routine of the kids being back in school. But before you get all cozy just think --Christmas is right around the corner, only 119 days and counting. Happy holidays!

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