October 23, 2006

Each year Sunol Glen School’s graduating class presents the school with a parting class gift. Last years eighth grade class of 2006 opted to provide funds to build small retaining walls to keep the walkways near the front of the school nice and tidy looking. And for a more personal touch each student designed beautiful, colorful and unique tiles that were to be mounted on the retaining wall. It was later discovered that unfortunately it would not be logistically possible to attach the handmade tiles to the wall.

Enter Colton Sehmsdorf, a senior at Granada High School and a member of Sunol’s Boy Scout Troop 912. Colton whole-heartedly took over the entire project as part of earning his Eagle Scout Award. Besides building the retaining walls, Colton removed two messy mulberry trees and replaced them with flowers, two trees and six star jasmine shrubs. He also erected a small ornamental fence along the walkway leading to the schools main building. The grand centerpiece of all this landscaping is a wonderfully designed concrete monument which displays all the beautiful tiles and now sits near the front entrance to the school.

Colton’s Grandparents, Hanne & Karl Sehmsdorf, traveled all the way from their Mariposa home to help with the project and Colton was proud to say his Grandfather Karl did all of the rotor tilling for the project. Also helping with the project were Colton’s Dad, Gernot, who is also the troops Scoutmaster; all the scouts from his entire troop, especially Antonio Branco and Adam Foster and Adams Dad, David Foster; school maintenance employee, Lowell Hoxie and eighth grade parent project coordinator and Cub Scout co-leader, Judy Bettencourt. “Close to 30 people showed up to help”, said proud Dad, Gernot.

Colton felt that the six-week long project was a way of giving something back to the school that has so graciously allowed he and fellow scouts to use for regular weekly meetings and special events such as their Court of Awards Ceremony. You see, many of the scouts from Troop 912 do not live in Sunol, such as Colton, but because they have attended their meetings at the school for so many years they feel a certain kinship towards the community and the school. Colton is especially pleased that his Eagle Project is one that will be a permanent presence at the school. Just think, sometime in the future Colton will be able to proudly show his children the special monument he created for a small class of 15 in a small school he considers his own.

Gernot said, “Of course I’m proud of him; I’m impressed with how he was able to organize everything and that’s the part of the Eagle Scout project that you learn from scouting. In that respect he really succeeded. He wanted to do a project that would withstand time.” Colton would also like to thank Alden Nursery, Orchard Supply Hardware and Crestco Rentals for their generous donations.

Ironically, while removing one of the mulberry trees it was discovered that the school’s flagpole that has proudly stood near the entrance for many, many years, was in pretty bad shape and the wood was actually rotting at the base. So scout members removed the old flagpole and another scout, Galen Willett, will soon be erecting a brand new flagpole as part of his Eagle Scout Project. Way to go Sunol Boy Scout Troop 912!

Sunol Girl Scout Brownie Troop #2349 were treated to a special day on October 9th when they toured Pleasanton’s city hall with Mayor Janet Hosterman. This year’s troop includes Annabelle Bentley, Jade Fields, Megan Harlan, Madison Hobbs, Stephanie Madrid, Ashlie Martin, Maia Samboy, Hannah Schwartz and Jordan Stewart. The Troop’s leaders are Monica Hobbs and Krista Samboy.

Upcoming events also include the scouts annual fall sales of nuts and candy. Monica writes, “Look for us at a local grocery store and support Troop 2349”

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