December 4, 2006

The Sunol Business Guild hosted a lovely Volunteer Dinner at the Sunol Event Center on the evening of November 5. The elegant affair, which was catered by Monica Hobbs, was in appreciation of the many volunteers who have, over the years, contributed to the maintenance and beautification of the Sunol Community Park. As most know, the Sunol Business Guild has recently transferred there duties as keepers-of-the-park to the Pacific Locomotive Association and I believe another group in town is being organized to continue in those efforts.

It was a very poignant moment when Neil Davies spoke of the Guilds efforts in “bringing the town together” by making the park a community focal point. Neil also presented Sunol Business Guild President, Bud Hall, with a special plaque which said, “In recognition of the Sunol Business Guild. Thanks for making the promise of a ‘Community Park’ a reality. Presented by Save Our Sunol, Sunol Glen Community Club, Friends of the Park, Boy Scouts of America Troop 912, The Little Brown Church of Sunol and members of the Sunol Community.”

Each year the Niles Canyon Railway has a preview run of their Holiday Train of Lights and this year’s ride took place on November 22. I was among the fortunate to ride the train that evening and last year I announced the addition of onboard port-a-potties, but now I am very excited to announce that yes, they now have two real working toilets on the train. Is this another “only in Sunol” moment? This is a big deal for a train that up until two years ago had no facilities. The extra facilities are helpful since the train trip is now longer and they also serve refreshments. Also new this year is the beautifully restored suite and parlor cars. And of course, the train is festively decorated inside and out. It’s amazing how more popular this train is every holiday season and the seats sell out very quickly. In my last column I announced that there were tickets available for the “Sunol residents only” train ride and more than 30 people from out of town called requesting tickets. I also heard a rumor that people were selling train tickets on the internet. Unbelievable!

If you ever wished to take to the stage and show your acting ability but were too shy, embarrassed, or just plain lazy, now is the time. Sunol Repertory Theatre is holding open auditions for this season 26th production on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the Sunol Glen School auditorium. This years melodrama is titled, “Taming the Wild, Wild West in a Dress...or Let’s Give the Villain the Slip" by Billy St. John. Adults as well as kids are encouraged to show their talent, no experience is necessary and behind the scenes technical help is always welcome.

I received a sad but touching email from former Sunolian, Drew Nomellini last week, “The Nomellini Family is sad to report the loss of “Rosie" the family dog. She was a free roamer in Sunol's Kilkare Woods, and a favorite of the end of the road gang. Rosie was approximately 15 years old and had not been ill long. Our favorite memories of her are her younger days in Sunol, and we wish to thank Kilkare Woods for being nice to Rosie. She passed on November 24.” Rosie moved to Palo Alto with her family a few years ago and like Drew mentioned, everyone in that neighborhood knew and loved Rosie and she is truly missed.

It’s an “early winter hike” for Women on Common Ground on December 16 at the Tilden Nature Area in Berkeley. The day will begin with a holiday decoration making workshop creating decorations for the Women’s Drop-in Shelter of Berkeley then join Sunol Regional Park naturalist, Katie Colbert, as she leads a cold and crisp two-mile hike to Wildcat Peak. There is a fee and reservations are required. Please call 510-636-1684 for more information.

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