A collection of pictures from around Sunol.
This is a set of pictures that was recently found. Thanks to Rebecca Douglas for sharing them with us. These photos of Sunol were taken sometime between 1910 and 1930. Anyone with information on them, please contact djohnson@sunol.net.

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Vallecitos Public School and the original Sunol School House.
View of Buttner's Peak and view from Buttner's Peak
This is probably the original bridge over the Arroyo Del La Laguna.
Sinbad creek and Hazel Glen Avenue (now Kilkare Rd).
Western Pacific R.R. tracks, and near the Water Temple.
Near the Water Temple. The first picture is a double-image, with the camera moved between the two exposures.
The Wilis Polk / Sunol Water Temple. For more information on the gravel pit planned for the field adjacent to the temple, see SOS (www.sunol.org).
The first photo was taken during the temples' construction.

All images © Rebecca Douglas unless noted otherwise.