Friends of the Park Information:



The mission of the Friends of the Park, an all volunteer Sunol organization, is to develop and maintain the Sunol Community Park. The Friends of the Park will facilitate the involvement of the County of Alameda, the Pacific Locomotive Association (PLA) and the citizens of Sunol in planning, managing, maintaining and improving the facility. This will result in a community park for the benefit of the people of Sunol and visitors alike.


1. The Friends of the Park will have an interim Steering Committee of nine members until June 30, 2007.
2. Membership will be open to all that are interested in the park by providing a phone number or e-mail address. There are no dues.
3. Steering Committee members will be elected in June and will serve for one year.
4. All members are eligible to vote if they are active by participating in park activities over the past year.
5. Officers will consist of a Chairperson, Recorder, Reservationist and PLA Liaison. The officers will be selected from the Steering Committee by the Steering Committee.
6. Meetings will be conducted by the Robert's Rules of Order.
7. The PLA will provide funding for the Friends of the Park budget. Budget reports will be provided quarterly.
8. Expenditures will be in accordance with a budget approved by the Steering Committee or by specific action of the Steering Committee.
9. Agendas for the Steering Committee will be provided in advance to all the Friends members. All members are invited to attend the Steering Committee meetings.
10. Steering Committee meetings will be held as deemed necessary by the Steering Committee or as requested by 20% of the membership.
11. Minutes of the meetings will be provided to all the members.
12. The Friends of the Park will operate in accordance with the PLA Agreement. Issues that are not resolved between the two groups may be referred to the SUNOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE for resolution.
13. The Steering Committee will adopt guidelines and procedures for the efficient operation of the Friends of the Park.