Pretty Pictures 
A collection of pictures from around Sunol.

Click on the images to see a larger version of each picture.
360 degree photo from Maquire Peaks in the Sunol Wilderness Park. This photo is quite large and may display slowly.
The Willis Polk Water Temple in Sunol. It is owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commision. For more information on it and the quarry that has been leased in the field on the opposite side of the temple, See SOS.
Two oak trees.
Sunrise, Sunset.
Thanks to Thomas Paulson for these photos of the Little Brown Church and Sinbad Creek.
These two pictures were taken from exactly the same spot.
Local wildlife. The first image is a composite of three photos of a fox. Wild turkeys make their rounds a couple of times a year.
More wildlife pictures from Thomas Paulson and As if there is an question, it a doe, buck and a scorpion.
September is tarantula season! Click on the first picture to see it life size. 
More wildlife, this time a ringneck snake and a friendly lizard.
A series of pictures taken 15 minutes apart - after an El Nino storm: January, 1998.

All images © Derek Johnson unless noted otherwise.