Where is Sunol? 
By one measure, Sunol is 45 miles southeast of San Francisco. Hopefully these pictures will answer that question in a better way.

The red boxes in each picture indicate the area shown by the next picture in the series. Click on the images to see a larger version of each picture (without the red boxes).
A little help getting home for any one on the far side of the moon.
Note that the darker green areas are trees which grow on the north and east side of hills. The south and west sides are grasslands which appear as brown (or 'golden' if you want to put a positive spin on it).
The red tint to some of the pictures is from aerial photography with an infrared camera. 
This topographic survey map is BIG. It will probably be too large to fit on your computer screen. Use the scroll bars on the bottom and right side of your browser to move around the map. This map is from 1983 - Fremont, Pleasanton and Livermore don't look like this any more.
This image was generated by overlaying an aerial photograph onto an elevation map. It shows Sunol from the south, looking north-northwest.
The area shown in this pair of images is identical. The first picture overlays political boundaries onto an elevation map. Fremont, Union City, Hayward and Castro Valley make up the yellow mass on the left. The yellow stripe in the middle is Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Backhawk and Alamo. Livermore is to the right. The San Francisco Bay is just visible in the lower-left and the Mt. Diablo foothills are at the top. The second picture uses a 1993 satellite photo. Sunol is in the center-bottom of the picture.
Fly around the Sunol Valley! When viewing, use the Viewpoint settings to go to some predefined locations. The files are not that big, but it takes a lot of calculations for your computer to display the scene so it may be a bit slow. You will need a VRML viewer to be able to see this one. If your browser doesn't already have the appropriate plug-in, you can download one from www.cosmosoftware.com
This photograph is from Sunol Ridge, looking southeast. The town is in the lower left corner, Sunol Water Temple is at center-right. Several other pictures of this type are available on the Save Our Sunol web site.
Similar to the previous photo, this one was taken later in the spring and shows a larger area.
All images © Derek Johnson unless noted otherwise.

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