February 3, 2003

FIRST THERE'S A FUNNY STORY I just have to tell you. As I've mentioned in past columns, I am a card-carrying member of the deeply sports impaired. Believe me when I tell you I thought the Raiders were playing a team from San Diego in the Super Bowl because that's where it was happening. Totally by accident of calendar, I found myself at a major all-day Super Bowl party at the home of my friends Colleen and Ben in Los Angeles.

Much was made of my lack of football savvy. It was my calling card, since I knew almost nobody at the party aside from the hosts. "This is Bree, our friend from the Bay Area. She is SO not into sports - isn't it funny she's here for Super Bowl?"

Early in the festivities, one of Colleen and Ben's friends, Gary, stopped by on his way to another party, and along with him came a fellow with a football pool. I may not know doowah about football, but give me a chance to toss my money into a slot machine or across the counter for a lottery ticket and I'm there. It wasn't until I'd paid up and put my name on four little squares that I discovered my hosts were also having a pool, so, hey, why not? Four more little squares.

Just before half-time, people watching the game started calling my name because it was on the little square matching the score. I won the quarter and the half and suddenly everybody was my new best friend, teasing and congratulating me. Now I was having a good time. This Super Bowl party thing is fun!

Later, with two seconds remaining in the game, Colleen says to me, "Hey, what happened to that guy who came in here with that other pool?" "Yeah," I replied, "he took the money and ran, huh?" The phone rang. Colleen was holding a phone in her hand, and Ben came walking in with another one, and in unison they said, "It's for you, Bree!" And it was Gary, calling to tell me I'd won the game square in the other pool.

The reporting of this news to Colleen and Ben's party guests caused quite an uproar, I'll tell you that. To their credit, they were mostly humorous in their response, but several suggested I make my next visit on a weekend when there were no sporting events that might involve pools. Me? I'm heading to Vegas as soon as my schedule allows to turn those Super Bowl winnings into slot machine fodder.

NOW SOME ACTUAL SUNOL NEWS: For the very first time, the Sunol Glen yearbook is going to be produced in color and ads are on sale now! You can purchase a variety of sizes and styles to get your message to hundreds of potential clients and your advertisement helps to keep the cost of the yearbook affordable for all students. A full page goes for $100, a half-page for $55, a quarter-page for $35 and business card size for $20. Interested? Contact yearbook advisor Phil Mumford through the school office at 925-862-2026.

LIBRARY WISH LIST: Though Sunol Glen's library has an excellent assortment of books for all reading levels, some of the books are very worn. Librarian Nancy Davis says your donation of new or gently used books for Sunol's primary grades would be greatly appreciated. Some suggestions include bright, colorful books like the Carebear and Where's Waldo series, books about animals and insects, and of course, classics. Please drop your book donations off in the school office. Thanks!

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