February 24, 2003

IT'S NOT SOMETHING we like to think about, but child abduction is a dreaded reality in our world. Being prepared can make all the difference, and there is a program coming up addressing just that. "Escape School" teaches children ages five through 15 how to avoid being abducted and teaches their parents what to do if an abduction occurs.

Escape School's life-saving tips are presented in a fun and easy to understand hour-long program. If you'd like to attend, the next class takes place Thursday at 7 p.m. at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley (19600 Cull Canyon Road. For more information, please call Deputy Sheriff Watkins at 510-667-7597.

THANK YOU GENEROUS PARENTS: On a far cheerier not, Sunol Glen School's library is grateful to a passel of parents for book donations. Among the families providing more reading material for the school's students are the Redmonds, Jacksons and Ingrams. Renee Madieros also recently contributed some beautiful books from the Children's Classics series. They're in wonderful condition, and like all the books generously donated, will enrich Sunol Glen's students as only books can.

Another thank you goes to Michael and Cathy Brown for their gift of a Macintosh computer and software. With the state budget crisis and the cuts to education it entails, our fine little school continues to provide an excellent and enriching education, due in part to the generosity and involvement of parents.

SIP WITH THE SUPE: Sunol Glen's Superintendent-Principal Diane Everett invites parents and other community members to coffee in her office on Friday at 9 a.m. Come to this informal gathering and give your input, share ideas and ask questions. Diane encourages open communication and looks forward to the opportunity to exchange ideas and catch up on concerns.

SPEAKING OF SUPERINTENDENTS: The State Superintendent of Public Education is The Alameda County Office of Education and the Alameda County School Boards Association (ACSBA) are presenting an evening with Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The event is Thursday, March 20 and includes a reception in honor of the new Superintendent, from 6 to 7 p.m., followed by an hour-long presentation by O'Connell. After O'Connell speaks there will be a meeting of the ACSBA. The program will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 11950 Dublin Canyon Road in Pleasanton and costs $23 per person, which includes a pasta bar and dessert buffet. For info, please call Linda Henderson at 510-670-4151.

OUR SUPER STUDENTS: Okay, folks, it's that time of year I pour the names of Sunol Glen's second quarter Honor Students into this column. Here goes - fifth grade: Kaitlynn Ballsadt, Nicola Barnes Jeffrey Bettencourt, Caitlin Carter, Jessica Christian, Angela Dyette, Maria Guerra, MacKenzie Keck, Mia Messetti, Hayley Nielsen, Rachel Raffanti, Chanel Schvaneveldt, Kyle Scroggins and Hanna Xenakis.

Sixth-grade honor role congrats go to Alex Boag, Jordan Bruno, Aneil Dyal, Christina Dyette, Ryan Harper, Nicole Harvey, Liam Hazelton, Travis Hoxie, Casey Hung-Reis, Ryan Johnson, Corbin Kuntze, Angela Lee, Ashley Miller, Wyatt Milne, Seth Phillips, Julian Reisenthal, Shane Schvneveldt and Tara Zahiri.

And in seventh grade, the honors go to Griffin Beemiller, Jessica Bruno, Adam Foster, Christina Gatterman, Andre Green, Joshua Hadlock, Parmida Izadi, Colby Jackson, Zachary Keck, Saba Mash, Shea Murphy, Alexzandra Roden, Scott Sweetnam, Jamie Thurman and Tim Xenakis.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: And finally, the eight grade honor roll includes Maddie Brazil, Kevin Foley, Calvin Kuntze, Kevin Foley, Calvin Kuntze, David Ingebretsen, Sarae Van Dyke and Galen Willett. Wow!

SUNOL MEMORIES: Dick Jennings has lived on Kilkare Road for 25 years, but came visiting his relatives here as early as 1945. When his mother, Alice Silva Jennings, passed away eight years ago, Dick came into possession of her photo albums. Though he doesn't know the details of its origin, he shared a nice close up of a '40's Sunol fire truck. In the background one catches a glimpse of the long-gone Sunol garage and gas station. If anyone knows who the fellow behind the wheel might be, or has any info about the fire truck, please let me know.

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