August 25, 2003

CLASSES START TODAY at Sunol Glen School and there's lots of school news. Thanks to our school's marketing committee, renewed awareness of Sunol Glen's uniquely wonderful attributes abounds, and the doors opened today to 217 students! We know that's a small number to those of you in most of the Times' circulation area, but it's a whopping 29% increase from last year's low of 168 students.

The other great news is that our thriving classes will enjoy the enrichment of once-threatened music, art, computer and library programs. "Our programs are in place this year because of the generosity of Sunol Glen parents, our Community Club, the awesome job done by all the flea market volunteers, and contributions from our friends in the community," Superintendent-Principal Diane Everett said. "I can tell you that the words 'thank you' don't even come close to the expressions of gratitude I feel in my heart for all of you."

And thanks to a Federal grant and State renovation funds, we start the school year with new cafeteria tables, new windows for the Eagle's Nest, and a freshly painted auditorium. There will also be new carpeting in the preschool and the main office, as well as roofing repairs.

EAGLE'S NEST NEWS: Budget cuts for the district require a $25 raise in the monthly fees for the Eagle's Nest before and after school care center. The new rates are $365 per month for kindergartners and $335 for first through eighth grades. The increase is necessary to continue the high quality of service for which Eagle's Nest is known. Please call the center at 925-862-0525 to request an enrollment packet or for more info.

WECOME TO COMMUNITY CLUB: The Community Club is Sunol Glen's parent/teacher volunteer organization, and it's difficult not to brag about all this dedicated group does for our school. Active in fundraising and service projects, Community Club supports sixth-grade Science Camp, the FAME program, Exploration Day, Santa's Secret Shop and the Book Fair, just to name a few. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m., starting September 2. Membership is only $10 per family per year, which helps to cover the costs of the school telephone directory and the weekly Eagle Flyer newsletter. This year's officers are: Judy Bettencourt, President; Lisa Harper, Vice President; Martha Carter, Treasurer; Lori Nielsen, Secretary; and Carolyn Glass, Volunteer Coordinator.

All parents are encouraged to participate, and you can jump right in helping to plan the annual Walkathon, the primary fundraiser, which will take place Saturday, September 27. The theme this year is "Walk-the-Plankathon" and promises to be loads of fun. Contact Linda Krikorian at 925-426-1474 to be a sponsor (or get your employer to be one!), Carolyn at 925-862-2325 to supply a prize for the walkers, or Judy at 925-862-0111 for more information.

NOON "YARD DUTY" OPENING: Sunol Glen is in need of people to supervise during the lunch hour in the cafeteria and schoolyard from noon to 1 p.m. This is a paid position. If you're interested, please contact Debbie Scanlon at the school office (925-862-2026). One would think "yard duty" is something someone does, but I have learned from listening to my daughter and other kids around here that the phrase now refers to the person doing it, as in, "She's my favorite Yard Duty," or "Mr. So-and-So is Yard Duty this week and he never lets us have food fights, the meanie!"

CUB SCOUTS NEED YOU! There will be a Cub Scout organizational meeting Thursday, September 4 at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Leaders are need to keep this worthwhile program going, so sign up to make a difference in a boy's life. Lads in first through fifth grades are welcome to join. Contact Judy at 925-862-0111 for information, or e-mail her at judybettencourt@comcast.net

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don't forget the CHP traffic meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. at Sunol Glen School. Downtown parking is on the agenda as well as traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

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