February 23, 2004

As a community enhancement project, the Sunol Business Guild is offering the public engraved bricks to purchase and be placed on the ground around the Sunol Community Bulletin Board in memory of a loved one or to memorialize a certain event or just a thank you for someone. The cost of the brick is $50 and you can get an application to purchase the bricks by contacting Wayne Zimmerman of the Sunol Business Guild at 925-862-2315 or by mail at 753 Kilkare Road, Sunol, CA 94586. This wonderful project has been in place since August of 1999 and to date the Guild has already purchased over a hundred memorial bricks.

Also available for purchase are trees to be placed in the Sunol Community Park. The cost of the trees are $50 each and you get to choose the type of tree and where it is placed around the perimeter of the park boundaries. The tree that you purchase will also have an engraved marker near the base to display from whom and for whom the tree was purchased. "This gives you a choice whether a person wants to have a brick in the downtown area for everyone to see or a living object such as a tree in the park or both" says Wayne. Please contact Wayne at the above number and address to receive an application to purchase a tree as well.

The Sunol Cultural Arts Council is again inviting the public to join the 3rd session of beginning ballroom dancing tomorrow February 24 from 7:30 to 8:30 in the cafeteria at Sunol Glen School. This fun-filled event will run for 6 weeks every Tuesday and the cost is $60 per couple. Organizer Toni Coplan said, "Newcomers are welcome to attend the first class with no obligation and teenagers are welcome too". And for those of you who have attended before the intermediate ballroom dancing lessons are on the same evening from 8:30 to 9:30 at Sunol Glen School. Please contact Toni at 925-862-2061 if you have any further questions.

Just a reminder from Mario Montalvo, supervisor, Alameda County Public Works Department, that they have placed sandbagging materials at two locations on each end of Kilkare Road for your convenience during this rainy season.

With the recent stormy weather we have been experiencing recently, it's hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner. It's that splash of yellow that catches your eye when entering Main Street from Highway 84 that reminds you of warmer days to come. With a donation from Trudi and Dimitri Kastriotis in memory of their mother, Irmgard Zeiss, the Grandmothers of the Most Beautiful Babies Club purchased 40 lbs of yellow daffodil bulbs. A big thank you to Diane Fries, Marie Gronley and Joyce Ysit who planted the bulbs last November beneath the "Welcome To Sunol" sign for all to enjoy.

The Little Brown Church of Sunol wishes to invite the community to its Ash Wednesday church services on February 25 at 7:00 p.m.

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