September 13, 2004

We are strong in tradition here in Sunol and back to school also brings another Sunol Glen School event, the 12th annual Walkathon on October 2 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. Organized by the Sunol Glen Community Club, this fundraiser is staffed by dedicated parent volunteers and teachers who help make this day extra special for the students. This year's theme is "Hang Ten for Sunol Glen" and the students will enjoy a day of treats, face painting and prizes. Students have been collecting pledges for every lap the walk and some collect just a flat fee donation. If you are interested in volunteering for this event or have any question please contact, event chairperson, Judy Bettencourt at 925-862-0111 or email her at judybettencourt @comcast.com.

Last June I mentioned the Chambers-Egbert family who were in the midst of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and had returned home for a short time to re-stock their supplies. I am happy to announce that the last word I received was that they have traveled a whopping 1,950 miles and only have a mere 700 miles to go before they reach the Canadian border.

Good friend and neighbor and Sunol Glen School bus driver/librarian Nancy Davis who is in charge of house-watching, cat-feeding and plant-watering caught up to the family at a rendezvous point near Lake Alpine in late July and boy were they happy to see her. Sunol Glen 6th grader Mary was overjoyed to see Nancy. "They had just hiked 22 miles and as Mary saw me pull into the parking lot of the trailhead, she RAN to me!" said Nancy. Mary's parents Barbara and Gary, were equally overjoyed when Nancy drove them to a nearby motel for the evening for a well deserved trail break. Nancy said at dinner that evening she learned that trail breaks are necessary for healing sore feet and making important phone calls.

Nancy said, "Mary's accomplishment is rigorous and unique. She may turn out to be the youngest 'thru-hiker' on record". In honor of Mary's great feat, no pun intended, Nancy is pledging a penny for each and every mile Mary walks on the Pacific Crest Trail and she will donate it to the Walkathon. If you would like to join Nancy in her penny-a-mile pledge for Mary, please contact her at Sunol Glen School. Nancy says, "I am very confident that Mary and her parents will complete their goal of ending at the Canadian border. Let's all cheer her on and help her get there!"

Calling all Grandmas'! Sunol's Grandmothers of the Most Beautiful Babies Club is meeting on September 29 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Joan Hall. This wonderful group of women truly does go out of their way to make everything really special around town, especially during the Christmas holiday season. All new and current grandmothers are invited to attend this informational meeting. Please call Joan at 925-862-2357 for more information or directions to her home.

Looking for stained-glass supplies? Country Stained Glass may be able to help. For several years Sunol residents Marie Gronley and Joyce Ysit teamed up to produce some beautiful pieces of stained glass for several Round Table Pizza restaurants, private homeowners, residential developers and the beautiful windows seen at Gay 90's Pizza in Pleasanton and the Amador Livermore Historical Museum also in Pleasanton. Back in business since July 1, Marie is now selling stained glass supplies. You can contact Marie at Country Stained Glass at 925-862-240 or 925-525-1045.

It's only 12 days until the Sunol Country Festival!

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