June 20, 2005

It was a busy year for Sunol's three Girl Scout troops. Cadette Troop 2957 was excited to attend Camporee over Memorial Day weekend at Camp Royaneh near Cazadero because this was to be the first year they would be able to participate in a canoeing adventure on the Russian River. They even trekked out to Del Valle Lake to practice canoeing for the big event, but just a few days before the trip, organizers cancelled the canoeing due to high water levels and swift currents on the river. The parents were relieved that the organizers were being cautious but the girls were a little disappointed. In lieu of the canoeing trip the girls were able to participate in archery and they opened the usually closed swimming pool to the Cadettes and Seniors.

This year's theme was "Treasures of the Caribbean" and among lots of fun workshops, the scouts learned orienteering skills such as tying nautical knots, using a compass and working a sextant, which is a navigational instrument.

Attending the event from Troop 2957 were Nicola Barnes, Becca Brown, Caitlin Carter, Jessica Christian, Stasia Hylas, Hayley Nielsen, Chelsea Whiteside and troop leaders Lori Nielsen and Victoria Barnes. "We had a great time, it was very inspiring to see the Cadettes and Seniors so together", said Victoria.

Brownie Troop 1026 attended Camporee as well. The troop provided materials to make Caribbean hand and foot jewelry and made parrot SWAPS. Attending scouts were Paige Arcieri, Bessie Barnes, Brooke Bowling, Sara Brown, Kelsey Corcoran, Erin Heckman, Kaitlyn Lipman, Eva Madden and Troop Leader, Cathy Morris and parent volunteer Lisa Arcieri. "A good time was had by all", said Cathy.

And just a few days later on June 1, girls from Troop 1026 bridged from Brownie Girl Scouts to Junior Girl Scouts. The bridging ceremony took place at the Sunol Community Park.

The bridging Brownies were third graders: Paige Arcieri, Bessie Barnes, Brooke Bowling, Sara Brown, Kelsey Corcoran, Kaitlyn Lipman and Eva Madden; and second graders Hunter Beck, Lizzy Hargiss, and Erin Heckman. Cathy said, "Our one first grade member, Kamie Lipman, who is not eligible to bridge, received a special award of a bracelet to celebrate her sunny disposition and helpful attitude".

The girls walked across the footbridge into the park and were welcomed to the next level of girl scouting by members of Troops 2921 and 2957. The Cadettes helping with the ceremony were Nicola Barnes, Becca Brown, Caitlyn Carter, Jessica Christian, Hayley Nielson, Emily Madden, and Athena Eberle. Girls Scout Leaders present were: Cathy Morris, Victoria Barnes, Lori Nielson, Diana Madden and Helen Eberle.

Junior Troop 2921 members Becca Brown, Danika Beard, Mary Chambers, Athena Eberle, Bola Gbadebo, Alexa Hylas, Emily Madden and Katelyn Merrill, who officially bridged to Cadettes last May, have completed the badge related activities leading up to their Bronze Award. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn.

The girls worked on projects related to the community and by making box meals for low-income students in Livermore and for residents of Dublin and at Open Heart Kitchen in Livermore. The girls were required to spend at least 15 hours working towards their Bronze Award and this included planning and brainstorming sessions.

The girls earned Food Power, Model Citizen and My Community badges, earned their Junior Leadership Award and Junior Aid Award.

Troop 2921 Leaders, Helen Eberle and Diana Madden could not have done all these activities without the help of some of the parents; they would like to give special thanks to Victoria Barnes, Barbara Egbert, Cathy Morris, Karen Newcomb and Lori Nielsen for their assistance during the busy scouting year.

IMPORTANT--Don't forget the joint meeting tonight of Save Our Sunol, Alameda Creek Alliance and Stop the Dump in Sunol at 7:00 p.m. in the Sunol Glen School Auditorium.

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