December 19, 2005

Several Sunol residents were honored at a special Volunteer Recognition Awards ceremony on December 7 at the San Lorenzo Community Center. Elected by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors for their contributions were Joan Hall, Dimitris Kastriotis, Maryanne Canaparo, Irwin Thiessen and Dan Reasor for being members of the Sunol Citizens Advisory Committee and Sunol Business Guild members Sandi Bohner, Bill Webster, Neil Davies, Wil Spear and Ario and Joyce Ysit. Congratulations!

I love driving around town during the holiday season. Some of the brightly decorated homes have definitely gone way over last years electricity meter readings. We have an advantage here in Sunol because most of us reside in custom homes on large lots so we get to decorate our fences, gates, barns and pastures.

The most decorated street is surely Kilkare Road. I would like to suggest that you take a trip up that narrow, dark canyon road. Just be sure to be considerate of the homeowners and watch for out for the occasional wild critters such as the deer and raccoons. Years ago Kilkare Woods homeowners traditionally left their Christmas lights up on their log cabins all year long and some still do today.

Although you would never know unless you entered the Little Brown Church, each year church members carefully decorate the 120-year-old sanctuary with a traditional decorated Victorian Christmas tree and awe inspiring nativity scene. The large nativity scene that sits to one side of the alter was purchased by Cindy and Bob Frillman and each year they volunteer their time setting it up inside the sanctuary. In fact Cindy made the large palm tree that adorns the scene. Stop by and take a look inside our only community church.

A warm welcome is extended to the community to attend the Little Brown Church's special candle lit Christmas Eve services at 7:30 p.m. Christmas Day services will be held at the regular time of 10:30 a.m.

I happened upon a small dinner party at Bosco's Bones and Brew Restaurant last Wednesday evening that included California State Attorney General, Bill Lockyer and his family, wife Nadia and son Diego who is 2 1/2 years old. The Lockyers, along with Alameda County Fair CEO, Rick Pickering and wife Dawn were enjoying dinner with Joyce and Ario Ysit. The group had just come from a ride upon the Niles Canyon Holiday Train. Although Mr. Lockyer had ridden the Niles Canyon Train before, he had never been on the Train of Lights. He said that his young son enjoyed riding in the cold outdoor train car and he said, "It was a lot of fun. The volunteers do a wonderful job".

The Pickerings enjoyed the train ride as well and Rick said, "The Christmas train is bound for glory". Rick also shared with me that he was very proud that the Alameda County Fair was able to have hosted the Iraqi election polling place last week. The county fair has also been busy booking entertainment for next summers two week run and Rick also confided in me that they have just booked the insanely popular band Smash Mouth who will appear on the last Friday of the fair.

Bosco's now has a new cool looking festive sign adorned in bright red lights that says "BOSCO'S" that can't be missed. Bosco's will be serving a special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. Call 925-862-0821 for reservations.

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